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by Anneleen on February 24th, 2012

It’s workshop time again! Over the next couple of weeks, Deborah is going to lead us in two related workshops.

Patchwork Workshop

On Monday (27th Feb) we’ll be meeting at the Red Squirrel as usual (6pm-8pm) and learning how to do patchwork. If you’d like to take part in the workshop, please bring along the following:

– Two pieces of cotton or polycotton fabric in contrasting patterns, you’ll want the patterns to be quite small

If you’re going to buy the fabric in a shop this weekend then ask for the smallest they will do, this is usually about 10-15cm. If you’ve got a few scraps that you can use instead then just make sure you’ve got about 30cm x 30cm in total.

– Pair of scissors

– Needle and thread (preferably in a neutral or matching colour to your fabric)

– An old magazine (to be cut up!)

– A biro pen

If you are unable to get these things together, but would still like to take part in the workshop, we will have some spare materials, but there will be a small fee. We will no doubt have pairs of scissors that can be shared, but the more people who bring along materials, the easier it will be for us all!

As ever, if you don’t fancy patchwork, you are very welcome to bring along whatever other project you fancy doing and get on with that!

Sewing Machine Workshop

The wicked witch is thread!

The following week (Monday 5th March) we will be meeting in Room 1 at Central Hall, 2 West Tollcross, EH3 9BP (entrance across the road from Lava and Ignite nightclubs, near the Fire Station) for a sewing machine workshop. We will be meeting at the normal time, 6pm-8pm, but needed a venue where we could get out our sewing machines! Refreshments will be provided.

For this class, you will need to bring the following:

РFabric in a contrasting or matching colour to your patchwork. You will need about half a metre and the fabric will need to be at least one and a half metres wide. This can be cotton/polycotton or  a thicker fabric like corduroy or a wool mix.

– Three buttons (approx 1 inch or 2.5cm wide) to close the cushion.

– Sewing cotton in a neutral or matching shade.

– One 16 inch cushion pad (don’t worry if you don’t get this in time, it’s not compulsory)

Again, if you are having trouble finding these, let us know, as we will bring along some materials too, but again there will be a small fee (cost price).

SHOUT-OUT! If anyone has a sewing machine that they wouldn’t mind being used for this workshop, please do let us know, as it would be greatly appreciated – the more sewing machines, the more people will be able to take part at the one time!

If you would like to book a place on the sewing machine workshop and / or you would be kind enough to lend your sewing machine for the evening, get in touch with Deborah (who will be running the workshops) at

Also – the drop-in will be happening as normal this night, but will also take place at Central Hall as a one-off.

Over and out! Anneleen x

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