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Granny Green’s Big Night Out: 18th October 2010

by Sarah on October 16th, 2010

This Monday at Granny Green’s Big Night Out we’re in craft workshop mode and, as I mentioned in the post below, as a result of feedback and conversations it’s a Collaborative Knitting Workshop. Not a workshop where we all do some some knitting on one giant project (as was suggested!) but, regardless of skill level, working with others to improve it. Beginners paired with those advanced people happy to teach, and experienced knitters working to learn new skills from others. It’s a brilliant opportunity to get to know other people at Granny Green’s and to advance your skills!

In the previous post, and at Granny Green’s last Monday, there has been some discussion about potential patterns for beginners, and some of the links that people have been suggesting (thank you!) are below. Please join in the discussion if you have any ideas or thoughts.

The perfect scarf for beginners –
The one hour scarf – ravelry
Country Living Magazine has a lot of free patterns to choose from

[Vicki also brought along  a pattern for a headband (actually the World’s Cutest Headband!) and an iPod cosy which I love but can’t link to right now as I’m not at home, but will link up as soon as I can.]

What to bring? For beginners, if you have any knitting needles or wool (yarn!), bring them along. If you’re just beginning you might not want to rush out and buy anything too expensive, but if you fancy buying some yarn something cheap and cheerful that you don’t mind being turned into something that might not resemble a work of art straight away is probably a good bet! If there’s a dream project you have in mind, maybe bring it along if you can to show others.

Experienced knitters – if you have any needles or wool that you’re happy to share with beginners, please bring them along (thank you in advance!), and if there’s anything you have you think might help people learn, please do bring it too. Also – is there a project/technique you’re working on but can’t quite get the hang of? Bring it along and maybe someone can help y0u. Please also bring along some things you’ve made and are happy to have handled so we can all get some inspiration and ideas!

Also, mostly as an aside, if you’re thinking of coming along but not sure if you should, please do! I’ll try and introduce myself to any new faces (if I don’t catch you in time, just ask someone to point me (Sarah) out – though I’m usually the obviously loud and short one!), and do the introductions to others, so if you’re not too comfortable with new groups (and I genuinely know the feeling) I really hope we can make it as easy and enjoyable as possible. Just come along and try it and see how it goes!

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  1. 1. another good beginner project is an innocent smoothie hat. they were the first things i ever knit, and they were very basic. also, i could knit one in 2-3 hours when i first started, so i didn’t get bored or frustrated.

    2. for the beginners and slightly more advanced, i will definitely be coming on monday night and would love to help! i will try and bring some yarn and knitting needles, as well.

    • Sarah permalink

      Just discovered I can reply to comments! That I’m so excited about this suggests I need to get out more. But anyway…!

      Jess, you’re fantastic, thank you! See you tonight! x

  2. Rhian permalink

    I’d really like to come and learn how to knit tonight, but I haven’t managed to pick up any needles or wool. Might there be any going spare tonight? I’d be happy to pay for a set if there were some available! If not, I’ll pop along anyway and just sit and watch how it’s done!

    • Sarah permalink

      Hi Rhian,

      Just replied to your email, but in case you don’t get it in time: there should be spares (I’m saving a pair of needles for you, anyway!) See you tonight!


  3. Irma permalink


    I’m not sure if I can make it tonight, but when it’s going to be the next collaborative workshop night and the most important, where?

  4. Irma permalink

    Oops. Is in the Lot in Grassmarket. Isn’t it?

    • Sarah permalink


      Yup, it’s The LOT in the Grassmarket between 6-9pm. The next workshop will be on the 15th of November, but come along any week for crafting and chat!


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